Training Seminars

Whether your organization’s unique needs can be best aided by a 1-2 hour in-house training session, a customized ½ day or full day retreat, or ongoing coaching and mentoring, HRMS provides customized training options to help your organization keep moving in the right direction.

Fundamentals of Supervision

So often individuals are put in the position of supervisor with no management or leadership training and are left to their own devices. This can lead to serious mistakes that cost companies in many ways. This session teaches the foundation for understanding the true role of a supervisor and provides a tool box of skills that can be immediately implemented.


A successful company begins with the ability to attract high quality candidates. This is a challenge no matter what the economic conditions. This session is focused on the importance of recruiting from a broad perspective. It provides techniques that will help you recruit top candidates for consideration yet focuses on the bigger need to have a good reputation as an employer.

Interviewing and Hiring

Recruiting is the first step, now you need to know how to interview in a manner that will give you the information that you need to make a good decision. This session addresses the legal pitfalls of the interview and hiring process and discusses ways to avoid them. It also provides guidance on what to do after a selection is made and the importance of a strong on-boarding and training program.


A great coach can make a team great. Good coaching is about directing rather than demanding. Coaching is an essential tool in every manager/supervisor’s tool box. This session will provide you with techniques that will improve your ability to positively influence a change in behavior.

Performance Development

This is more than training your employees, it is about the process you use to develop the skill set of your staff. This session applies to all levels of performance and provides a roadmap for creating a development plan in partnership with each staff member. Formalizing this process will allow you to implement a plan that has a real impact on performance and productivity.

Employee Discipline

This is one of our most popular sessions. We all know that we must address violations of policy, inappropriate behavior or poor work product, but we hate to do it. We don’t know how to say what we need to say, and so we avoid it – until it happens again. This presentation will demystify the process and give you the tools you need to discipline effectively.


So much time is put into hiring the best, but what steps do you take to retain and grow these employees once you have them? It begins with leadership. As you’ve heard before, ‘People don’t leave jobs; people leave people.’ We will provide you with techniques and tools to help retain and develop top performers.


Leaders are not born they are made. Leadership can be learned and we will talk about ways to develop leadership skills in willing individuals. This includes a discussion on what leadership truly is, the difference between leadership and management and why both are important.

Sexual Harassment/Harassment (all staff training)

A growing area of employment law, this training session provides line staff and management with an overview of what constitutes harassment and provides direction on how to handle situations they witness or experience that may qualify as harassment.

Sexual Harassment/Harassment/Discrimination (leadership)

This is a ‘must have’ training program for anyone with supervisory responsibility over another employee, regardless of how much authority they have in the organization. We will discuss the history of this area or employment law, the current standards which are ever-changing, and the individual responsibility and potential liability for failing to address situations that may be considered harassment and/or discrimination.

Employee Policy Development

These are the laws of your company, they provide direction and are your first defense. We will discuss what policies you must have, what policies you may want to consider and what you don’t need and why. We will talk about how to write policies to assure understanding and provide the ability to administer. This session also covers the importance of training your staff on your company policies and why proving their awareness of these rules is vital.

Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance

Passed in 1937 this federal law is complicated, outdated, and confusing. It covers payment of wages and addresses overtime, minimum wage, exempt status, payroll records, etc. In addition, most states have a State version of the act that may expand the federal law. This is an area where most employers get in trouble. We will provide an overview of the provisions of the FLSA and what is involved in record keeping and compliance.

Record Retention

This session addresses what you need to keep, where it should be kept, who should have access to it, how that access should be granted, for how long you have to retain certain records and how to properly dispose of them. We will cover personnel, payroll/confidential, benefits and medical information. Retaining your records in the correct manner provides legal protection and minimizes your exposure.

Dealing with the Substance Abusing Employee

Employees that abuse drugs or alcohol have a negative impact on the work place. This training provides options on how to influence these employees to seek treatment, without exposing the organization. We provide you with step-by-step process on how to deal with employees that you suspect may have a substance abuse problem. Although this is an emotional and challenging process, it is effective for both the company and the emloyee.

Personal Problems Brought into the Workplace

Divorce, death, problems with children, financial struggles, etc. – bad things happen to people and sometimes these bad things impact the workplace and result in performance or behavior issues from otherwise good employees. We will give you the tools needed to effectively handle these situations; focusing on the behavior and hopefully saving a good employee.

Investigating Employee Misconduct

When accusations fly, you need to gather the facts. This often means you will need to conduct a formal investigation of misconduct before any action can take place. This session provides you with a step-by-step procedure on how to conduct this investigation: who to involve, how to document your findings, things to consider when making a determination and what to do next.

Hot topics in H.R.

H.R. is always changing. This session provides an overview of all the Hot Topics going on in the H.R. arena that you need to know, but may not have the time or resources to keep up with.

H.R. Q&A

This session is more interactive, allowing HRMS to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions from the audience. The content of this training can be focused around a specific topic or can be a true ‘free for all’ allowing for the audience to have full control over the direct the conversation.

Don’t see a topic on our list that meets your needs? HRMS will work with you to customize a training session on any human resources topic, or combination of topics. We’re in the business of providing solutions. We can tailor our presentations to meet the needs of your audience while respecting your time and budget constraints. Give us a call today to see how HRMS can help you!